Product delivery.

When redeeming your codes there may be a series of problems. If this is the case, remember that our customer service team can help you resolve this issue and guide you through the pin activation process.

Remember that you can see the codes of your orders and their history in the My account section in the my orders section once you have logged in to the account in which you place your orders on Gudfy

If you choose a payment method with automatic delivery, you will receive the codes in a matter of seconds once you have made the payment. You will be able to see your codes in your email or in the my orders section in your gudfy profile.
If you choose a payment method with manual delivery, we promise deliveries within one hour of placing your order, but orders are usually released in a very short time thanks to our timely team.

1. Binance Pay Automatic Delivery: delivery is automatic and in real time.
2.USDT TRC20: delivery is automatic and in real time.
3. Binance Pay Manual Delivery: 60 minutes maximum within our working hours (8 AM to 10 PM Colombia GTM-5 time).

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The winner of the giveaway on February 16, 2023

Congratulations to Rajin and Fernanda! Thank you all for your participation, loyalty, and support.

¡Felicitaciones a Rajin y Fernanda! Gracias a todos por su participación, fidelidad y apoyo

Ganador sorteo 16 de febrero de 2023