All products purchased at are digital, the delivery of the same will be made via email and can be seen in the order section located in the main menu of

  1. Add the desired products to the shopping cart.
  2. Go to the shopping cart and review your order before clicking the checkout button.
  3. On the payment page you must fill in the necessary information to create an account if you do not already have one and select a payment method. Note: it is very important to use a valid email address as this is where the codes will arrive, besides being used as the main method of access to your account, if you use an invalid email address you could lose access to your purchases.
  4. If you chose Binance as your payment method, you must upload the proof of payment on the final screen of your order; if on the contrary you used the transfer method through TRC-20 your order will be confirmed automatically thanks to the blockchain technology.
  1. Binance Pay: there will be a manual review subject to our payment processing schedule by, the normal review time is between 5 and 60 minutes . Once your payment is confirmed, your order will be delivered immediately.
  2. Transfer of USDT-TRC20: payment is automatically confirmed and your order is delivered in a timely manner. IMMEDIATELY REGARDLESS OF THE TIME OF DAY. Note: if your order is very large, we may not have enough stock at the moment for immediate delivery, in which case your order will be completed within 60 minutes within our hours of operation.

All our orders are reviewed between 8 AM and 9 PM Colombian time (GMT -5).

Outside these hours you can also shop at, however orders will be delivered the following day between 8 AM and 9 AM Colombia time (GMT -5).

Binance Pay: commission free.

USDT-TRC20: normally withdrawing USDT from an exchange (Binance, Houbi, etc) through the TRC20 network costs 1 USDT, however other decentralized wallets such as Trust Wallet charge a variable fee that depends on the network congestion at the time.

Note: remember that you must send the exact amount of tokens or cryptocurrencies for the transaction to be confirmed and you will AUTOMATICALLY receive your order.

If I make a lower payment: immediately communicate your situation to our customer service WhatsApp +573024709370, attach your partial payment voucher, your order number and a screenshot of the desk of your user in, in order to finish coordinating your payment and deliver your order.

If I make a higher payment: please immediately communicate your situation to our customer service WhatsApp +573024709370, attach your partial payment receipt, your order number and a screenshot of the If you need to log in to your user account to coordinate the refund of your extra payment, please note that no refunds will be made to USDT or Binance ID addresses of third parties or addresses other than the one that made the initial payment.

All digital products sold on follow the rules of their respective platforms, however as a general rule Gift Card codes or pins never expire.

For example, in the case of Netflix they never expire and you can see the official information here

Yes, all products on our website have unlimited stock.

Gudfy’s products are Colombian, however payments are received in USDT, this forces us to constantly adjust to the exchange rate of the Binance P2P market in relation to the Colombian peso. Gudfy never increases or decreases its profit on our products.

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