Fast, automatic and commission-free.

Automatic process, commissions depend on your wallet.

  1. Binance Pay Automatic Delivery: delivery is automatic and in real time.
  2. USDT TRC20: delivery is automatic and in real time.
  3. Binance Pay Manual Delivery: 60 minutes maximum within our business hours (8 AM to 10 PM Colombia time GTM-5).

Customer support via WhatsApp and manual orders are delivered between 8 AM and 10 PM Colombia time GTM-5, every day.

Please write to

All digital products sold on follow the rules of their respective platforms, however as a general rule Gift Card codes or pins never expire.

Our customer support team is available via WhatsApp: +573024709370

Gudfy's products are Colombian, however payments are received in USDT, this forces us to constantly adjust to the exchange rate of the Binance P2P market in relation to the Colombian peso. Gudfy never increases or decreases its profit on our products.

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